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video link naming and sharing

In order to submit a YouTube video audition file, please use the following instructions.

To proceed, you will upload a full, continuous, unedited video of your final round program- with NO breaks (recording cuts) between pieces. ANY editing will result in disqualification. *Due to COVID-19 related complications, piano accompaniment is suggested but not required. Electronic accompaniment will also be accepted.


* Videos should be uploaded to Youtube, with the following title format: First Name Last Name AFC Piccolo Comp (for example: Denis Bouriakov AFC Piccolo Comp). 

* Videos must be Public or Unlisted (not Private, as judges wouldn't be able to access them). 

* In your video, your piccolo, face, and full body must be visible- be sure that your stand does not greatly obscure your piccolo/face/body.

*A link to your YouTube video will be included in your application for the competition.

*Please provide your FULL PROGRAM information in the "Description" section of your video. List your pieces in performance order and include the title, composer, and composer dates. 

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