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Please note that this event has already happened and this page is for informational purposes only.

2021 Flute Fair

FRIDAY, March 19

  5:30 AFC Junior Artist Middle School Competition

  6:20 AFC Junior Artist High School Competition

  2020 AFC Junior Artist Competition Winners’ Recitals

7:15 Grant Peng, 2020 Middle School Winner

7:25 Emily Kim, 2020 High School Winner

15 Minute Break

7:55 AFC Virtual Flute Choir Performance
8:00 Guest Artist Recital – Carol Wincenc

SATURDAY, March 20

  8:30 Beyond Syrinx: Music Dedicated to Louis Fleury

Lydia Carroll, presenter

  9:00 Learn the Basics of Irish Flute Ornamentation

Stephanie Payne, presenter

  9:30 Side Embouchures: No Need to Cry Over a Teardrop Lip

Elise Batchford, presenter

15 Minute Break

  10:15 2019 Young Artist Competition Winner’s Recital

Justina Chu, flute


20 Minute Break

11:30 Flauto d'Amore Project: Creating a New Repertoire

Ginevra Petrucci, presenter

12:00 Music for Flute and Percussion

Jessica Petrasek, presenter

15 Minute Break

Carl D. Hall Piccolo Competition Winner’s Recital

12:45 2020 Winner Ann Mozina

1:15 2021 Winner Sarah Miller

15 Minute Break


2:00 2021 AFC Young Artist Competition


10 Minute Break

3:45 2020 Young Artist Competition Winner’s Recital

Xue Chen

10 Minute Break

4:50 2021 AFC Virtual Flute Choir Concert

5:00 Guest Artist Workshop – Carol Wincenc

Announcement of the 2021 AFC Young Artist Competition